Surprise dinner!

Anders made me a surprise dinner last night, he was suppose to play football and come home late but due to an all day long rainfall his football match got cancelled, -and when I came home, to what I thought was an empty apartment, a beautiful table was set with all my favourite kind of cheese, ham, sausages, fruit, and red wine… I’m pretty sure I married the perfect guy!


Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures; -sometimes Anders thinks I do to much photoghraphing around here… Anyway this is a picture from another night, but it’s still cheese and red wine!


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    ne June 12, 2009


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    srg85 June 13, 2009

    Can I borrow your hubbie every now and then?

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    Rynke June 13, 2009

    That is so nice :) Hooray for Anders!

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