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Hi all, I’m back!

17-01-09 090skal

Thank you for all the nice comments!

Anders and I have spend our vacation week in Berlin, I didn’t bring my camera so I’m sorry to say; I don’t have evidence.  It would have been very hard not to blog if had brought it so it was intentional.

Our trip was great, lots of walking, eating, talking, coffee drinking, laughing, reading, writing and shopping.

Our friend Kristian doesn’t live in Berlin any more but we met up with Niller who was there for a congress and a guy called Jan who we know from Copenhagen, he recently moved to Berlin  to study. -You will all see a lot more to Jan later on; he agreed to feature as a”what I wore” guest star!

If things goes as planned this weeks fashion star will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned!



Beautiful sunny Sunday









Anders and I went for a long walk today. Most of these pictures are from an area in Copenhagen called “Christianshavn”.

The party yesterday was great, but unfortunately I never got a picture of my dress, sorry…

AFUK Swedish undercover

One of the good things about running a shop every day is that I don’t get off until most other shops are closed and I can’t spend my hard earned money anywhere.  But there is one place in Copenhagen I really would like to visit more often, it’s the shop owned and runned by AFUK’s produktionsskole on Vesterbro called  “AFUK Swedish Undercover

The shop is not that ekspensive because the concept is non profitable and aims to educate yong creative spirits in the challenges that comes with running a buisness.

They sell vintage furnitures and retro stuff that the students repair and restorate themselves. Fantastic concept and one of the most shop-worthy places to go in Copenhagen, if you ask me.