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Sweet sweet Saturday


It has been a long week and this weekend is much much welcome…

Vilja fell on the street and hit her forehead a few says ago, I have newer seen a more cartoon-like bump! She was cool but mummy had a bit of a scare.

I look forward to get on top of things during the next couple of days.

Happy weekend all!

Weekend time

The girl and her hat

Vilja sure likes her hats. Here she is eating breakfast wearing a silver rain hat…

On the wall

I hung Viljas new pictures in her room during this weekend.

At home

After a late Friday night out, I’m just hanging around the house watching old episodes of frasier, looking forward to a nice family lunch at ‘Halifax’. Happy weekend all!

The end is near…

Very soon vacation time for our little family will come to an end and the real world will take over. I’m looking forward to get back to work and to (also) show you some more work, shop and workshop related photos soon.

For sale

Remember how I told you my parents was moving out of the city?

They moved away a long time ago but they still have this apartment in the centre of Copenhagen that needs to be sold. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, you can see more here or here! -or you can write me an e-mail:

Ps: I promise you I’m not turning the blog into a real estate company any time soon -this is an exception for my childhood home!

The cousins

Vilja left. April right…

Anders birthday today; no time to blog. Back soon. -B

This is fun!

The box usually contains Viljas toys but she seems to like the box more than the toys. It has become a habit of hers to empty it and then sit in it!!! -Even more fun when uncle Niller stops by…

1.2..3… lamps

I found these three lamps at a yard sale in our neighbourhood today. Happy Sunday folks!!!

A new home

I have been collecting all the ‘leftovers’ from my minihome since I started creating it three years ago. Every time furnitures are replaced in my real home, they have to leave the minihome too. It has been adding up to quite a few homeless miniature-things.

When we were visiting my parents at Samsø recently I found an old doll house at a flea marked. It’s now in our bookshelf homing all the necklaced furnitures I had lying around.

Really it’s a great thing that I have a baby girl you know; it takes the edge of the grown-up-woman-playing-with-toys-wackiness I have going on here…

Hi everyone :)

Random peeks

Wonder what is wrong?

I am told that my blog layout looks weird in some browsers , the blogroll goes right through the pictures and it´s not supposed to… I can’t see it myself and I dont know what the problem is  -it really bugs me!

How does it look to you? and does any of you know what might be wrong?

Pictures from today. Vilja and April on a playground.

Good night

I’m sorry for all the quietness here on the blog, but I have been knocked out all week with a flu.Anders have been taking care of everything and he even made me burgers today, I am so lucky. Now I’m of to bed to sleep the last of the flu out of my system.


April and Vilja

Shop, family and food

Chinese food

We are having Chinese tonight. I saw this program and was inspired.

Evening light

Hello Hello

…just a quick hello!!!