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Friday in my shop








So I planned to take pictures of the floor in my shop today, but how boring is that? Instead I took some random pictures of how things look at the moment…

Hope you all had a nice day.  Happy Pentecost for those who celebrate it…  (-What a crazy word; Pentecost. -Apparently it is an ancient Greek word that means; the fiftieth day after Easter Sunday!… -In Danish we just call it “Pinse”)

-And here in Denmark this Monday is a holiday so the shop is closed and I’m free as a bird, yay!

Monday morning

Very Islands Brygge

Usually it’s nice to be home from work, but when you are really sick it is not that fun. And It is even worse not being sick and still not being able to do anything.

Anders has been stuck in his corner for two dayes with a sprained ancle.

I’ve been working on some new photos for my shop webside this week… It will take a while before they are updated. I’ll let you know.

I am back in the shop