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What Tara wore this week

This is Tara from Brasil. She is 22 years old and about to move to Toronto. Don’t you just love that hair? You can find her blog here!

What Sebrina wore this week

Remember Nicolai? -this is his girlfriend Sebrina. And this is their blog!

What Nicolai wore this week

This is Nicolai! He lives in Copenhagen very close to were I live. Even tough Denmark is a small country and Copenhagen even smaller, we only know each other through the WWW. He runs a blog with his girlfriend called ´denormale´.

How  about a big ´thumbs up´ to the rare occasion of a guy in a fashion week!!!

What Kia wore this week

This is Kia from Copenhagen. And this is her blog!

Thank you so much for all your travel tips, I look very much forward to a closer look at your comments soon.

What Stephanie wore this week (wedding edition)

This is a special post. Stephanie from Germany got married the very week she did this post for me! Thursday if you should have any doubts. She got married in the city hall of Copenhagen. I cut out her husband for the picture – it felt wrong, but I hope you forgive me.

I’m planning to do more “What I wore this week”-posts in the coming time. Let me know if you want to show 5 poses.

What Olivia wore this week

Olivia here is 9years old. She lives in a small town near Hannover, Germany.

Wednesday is ´sports day´ and the Monday hat and belt is handmade by her mum.

Don’t you just love these pictures?

What Henriette wore this week

Henriette is an architect from Denmark. Kawaii CPH is her blog. Go visit!!!

What Natalia wore this week

This is Natalia from Poland. Her blog is here: Polish swedish girl. Enjoy!

This is Natalia, I’m from Poland.

What I wore this week

Who’s up for next weeks fashion post?

What Haleigh wore this week

… actually this was what she wore several week ago. I haven’t had time to edit the pics until now.

Haleigh is from California but lives in Paris. Go visit her blog!