The lonely ballerina

I was told by a neighbourgh on Islands Brygge that once upon a time, a ballerina used to live in the appartment that became my shop.

I love to imagine how she would dance around lonely, a bit crazy and dressed in pink skirts in her home covered with flowers, mirrors, pink curtains and princess-like gowns everywere.

The first picture shows some very old wallpaper which is still here ( I can’t bare to remove it, even though it’s very old and  gone all yellow). The second is the floor on the tiny toilet,  it has been painted in seweral different shades of pink a long time ago…


  1. Reply
    lea October 9, 2008

    fascinating story and nice pictures!

  2. Reply
    Morten October 13, 2008

    Maybe we should do a ouija session some night in your store. Maybe we can get the glass dancing?

    Oh and btw, I am back from vacation :D

  3. Reply
    brinja October 18, 2008

    Sounds like fun!

    Welcome back…

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