Two quick pictures and then back to the sofa… See you tomorrow :)


  1. Reply
    gracia October 2, 2009

    Sweet views… and congratulations on your exciting news. A little one! Now, back to the couch with you.

  2. Reply
    shayne October 2, 2009

    are those paper or cloth?

    • Reply
      brinja October 3, 2009

      Shayne: They are made from vintage wallpaper… :)

  3. Reply
    linstyle October 2, 2009

    rest is good!

  4. Reply
    Kaylovesvintage October 2, 2009

    the birds are so cute

  5. Reply
    Katrine October 2, 2009

    Wow, kan godt lide det første billede. Meget poetisk på en måde. God weekend herfra.

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