Wednesday at home

I’m back from my little Prague adventure and it has been a blast. -Now I feel like traveling even more…  I’m dreaming of Berlin, I want to go there by train. I love to travel by train!  And I love Berlin in the Spring… -actually I love Berlin all year round -but Spring makes me wanna go there even more.



I was knocked out by a fever last night, so today I’m in bed feeling not so good. -When you run a self-contained business, being sick is very unfortunate -so today I’m feeling very blessed by having a fantastic friend and helper to jump in and take care of the shop for me…

By the way; did any of you people living in Copenhagen hear the thunder last night?… Wow, It was spectacular!


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    srg85 May 20, 2009

    Oh my god, that thunder storm scared the hell out of me. I woke up in the middle of night thinking, this must be a joke. I mean those flashes lit up the whole apartment and the thunder made the whole building vibrate. I’m happy I survived so I can help out my dear friend and take care of her lovely boutique!

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    lea May 20, 2009

    god bedring brinja! jeg hørte det også – har sjældent oplevet et voldsommere tordenvejr!

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    mette/ungt blod May 20, 2009

    God bedring! det var det vildeste vejr! Vi vågnede fordi vinden hylede gennem en sprække i døren til soveværelset pga. gennemtræk -totalt uhyggeligt. Jeg elsker normalt torden, men der var så mange lyn at det næsten ikke var rart…

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    ne May 20, 2009

    øv – jeg hørte ingenting!

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    lina May 20, 2009

    feel better brinja!

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    Katrine May 20, 2009

    Yup, I heard the thunder too! I mean, how could you NOT hear it?? And all those lightnings! Wow, crazy – and scary!

    God bedring.

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    Sam May 21, 2009

    Sorry to hear you’ve not been well. We’ve been having spectacular thunderstorms here in Sydney too! Snap!

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    epe May 21, 2009

    i hope you feeling better brinja! :)

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