I have made jewellery today, rings and earrings. Uh, and I have been working on a Cheerleader costume for my little sister, she is attending a party at her high school this weekend with an American-high-school-theme -so far I have made a tight white t-shirt with a big blue “H” on the front, (her name is Hildur) and a matching blue mini skirt, tomorrow I´ll make some pom poms all she needs then is a ponytail and a pair of trainers… Hopefully she’ll be prom queen after this :)

Ps. My hobby has made it all the way to Norway now, today “Aften posten” has an article about my minihome; you can read it here!.


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    Gabbi October 1, 2009

    Adorable! If ever near Copenhagen I am so shopping there… :)

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    Alice October 1, 2009

    My favorite is the flower button ring! It’s so cute!

    I hope your Cheerleader costume comes out well! If possible it would be nice to see pictures. :D

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      brinja October 3, 2009

      Alice: Pictures coming up :)

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    linstyle October 1, 2009

    The rings are cute! I love your handmade accessories. The American cheerleader theme cracks me up–it is getting to be a smaller and smaller world. I used to read the Aftenposten quite often when it was published in English, but they stopped that not too long ago–budget cuts, they said. I just love Scandinavia–I think it’s the next big thing! Ok, how is that for a smorgasbord comment….

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      brinja October 3, 2009

      Linstye: Thank you for your sweet comment! I didn’t know that it used to be published in English too, what a shame they stopped doing that.

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    blckonwhite October 1, 2009

    What a lovely rings! So cute and funny.
    You have nice hobby, amazing miniature.
    First time here. Great blog, so good atmosphere!

    Piia from Finland

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    blckonwhite October 1, 2009

    What a lovely rings! So cute and funny.
    You have nice hobby. Amazing miniature!
    First time here. Great blog, good atmosphere.

    Piia from Finland

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      brinja October 3, 2009

      Piia: Thank you so much! I’m real glad you like it!

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    Sam October 1, 2009

    Love!! You are so inventive and clever Brinja!! How I wish I could just pop into your pretty shop and say “Hi” and have a look around!! Hope you’re feeling OK and have a lovely Friday!

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