What I wore this week


This was how I looked this week. -I might  even add Weekend clothes to the blog tomorrow, because I’m going to a wedding party tonight, and I’m planning to wear a fabulos new dress I made myself…


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    lina May 30, 2009

    ooo! yes do post your party dress!
    i love alll of these outfits!!

  2. Reply
    srg85 May 30, 2009

    My boss is really pretty!

  3. Reply
    Mandy May 31, 2009

    really great way to show your fashion you worn the whole week. i love the thursday outfit.

  4. Reply
    epe May 31, 2009

    i love how you change your hair every day! it’s fantastic!

  5. Reply
    Parisa Mahmoudi June 5, 2009

    Oh,I really love these series!
    In this part my favorites are Monday and Thursday,So fantastic!!!

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