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What Lea wore this week!





This is Lea!

Lea is my brothers girlfriend and has become a very good friend of mine. She makes fantastic graphic art which is displayed in my shop and on her blog and she actually introduced me to the world of blogging!

Lea has a very beautiful and feminine style inspired by the fifties, she always wears a skirt and is fond of vintage shirts with pretty patterns and colours. She has a talent for finding all the secret second-hand treasures before anyone else and I’m proud to say; she often wears “Brinja” clothes. I’m truly glad she agreed to show a week of her outfits -to me they are divine.

Lea’s blog!


  1. Reply

    so lovely. to me, wednesday looks very american, friday very french… nice.

    love those tartan skirts!

  2. Reply
    lea October 19, 2009

    tak for de søde ord brinja! det var skægt at gæsteoptræde på “what i wore this week” : )

  3. Reply
    ana October 19, 2009

    I like her wednesday look. I have a yellow cardigan wish on my list since forever and didn’t find one yet.

  4. Reply
    Emilia October 19, 2009

    Ej hvor er Lea fin! Dejligt med så meget nederdel!!

  5. Reply

    […] the other night from my kitchen window. very dramatic with dark clouds and black birds flying by. me and my wardrobe is guest appearing on brinja’s blog and her weekly “what i wore this week” post […]

  6. Reply
    Kristina October 19, 2009

    snyggt! väskan på torsdag ser väldigt fin ut!

  7. Reply
    Sam October 19, 2009

    Love Lea’s style – very similar to my own – I love, love skirts! What lovely blond hair she has too….will go check out her blog!

  8. Reply
    Anna October 20, 2009

    lea is so cute! i love her style. thanks for featuring her.

  9. Reply
    linstyle October 20, 2009

    a girl after my own heart–
    tights, skirts, cardigans and vintage are me “to a t”
    thanks, lea!

  10. Reply
    Rudegirls October 20, 2009

    Smukke Lea!

  11. Reply
    Dotti October 20, 2009

    Lea is a sweetheart. And so are you.

    Nice blog, by the way. Have to put it on my daily reads, I guess. ;)

    • Reply
      brinja October 23, 2009

      Dotti: Hey there! Thanks alot :)

  12. Reply
    ne October 20, 2009

    rimelig hot, der

  13. Reply
    lina October 20, 2009

    oh! i want to wear skirts every day too : )
    wednesday is my favorite!

  14. Reply
    Brit October 20, 2009

    Love her style! I can just imagine a closet full of skirts…! :)

  15. Reply
    greenlaundry October 21, 2009

    Lea takes GORGEOUS photos!

    • Reply
      brinja October 23, 2009

      Greenlaundry: She really does!

  16. Reply
    Lotte October 22, 2009

    Hyggeligt at se Lea i different outfits :))))
    Nice girl…

    • Reply
      brinja October 23, 2009

      Lotte: Ja, hun er så fin Lea!

  17. Reply
    gracia October 25, 2009

    Great clothing, Lea, it suits you so well (and puts me to shame). Nice to see you, too.

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