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Yesterday was the opening night of Christmas in tivoli. And 1 week birthday of our baby boy. We were a little bit behind with the finishing of our shop but (almost) ready in the last minute.

The lighting stars are available on my webshop too!

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for all your sweet and warming greetings on our baby. Feel blessed and lucky to have readers like you!


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    Lucia November 14, 2013

    It suits the idea of Christmas: al little baby boy in a basket. Although there’s never a hardworking Josef of Mary when you look at the pictures of the stable, the ox and the monkey. Please, take care of yourselves. Much has been going on last year. Don’t forget to wonder how amazing it is, the serenity of a little baby sleeping in a world full of noise, war and nature disasters.

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    Mandy November 14, 2013

    Your shop looks beautiful, warm and cosy! :)

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    maria November 14, 2013

    Your Baby Boy is beautiful :)

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    Annina November 14, 2013

    Oh wow, your boy is beautiful! I hope everything is going well.

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    evdokia t. November 14, 2013

    your little baby boy looks so beautiful!
    christmas are so close already!
    the stars look very pretty!
    wish you the best luck in tivoli!

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    Ula November 14, 2013

    Look at him!!!! So sweet :) precious little boy! You are really good to be back in action so soon after giving birth, but do take care of borh you and the baby!

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      Ula November 15, 2013

      How is beautiful Vilja? Hopefully she is a proud big sister :)

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    Ineke van Gurpy November 14, 2013

    Oh dear Brinja, take care because it is just one week ago!

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      Ineke van Gurp November 14, 2013

      Sorry, my name is van Gurp (without the “y”)

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    Ineke van Gurp November 14, 2013

    You have a beautiful little boy, best luck for you all.

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    Saskia November 14, 2013

    This looks all so cozy and lovely, wish I could visit your shop, but I am too far away unfortunately. And: Your little boy looks really beautiful! Alle the best and enjoy!

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    Mathilde November 14, 2013

    Fantastisk at han ligger der under disken

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    Celena November 15, 2013

    Beautiful shop- very cosy! Good luck over the Christmas selling period! Your sweet little boy looks like he is waving at your customers already ;)

    Best wishes and hugs to you and Michael…and, of course, Vilja and baby boy!

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    Kal November 15, 2013

    Magical. What is the little boy’s name?????

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    Fifikoussout November 19, 2013

    oh how adorable, no biggie just a little baby hidden among the julstjärnor :)

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