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A new home

I have been collecting all the ‘leftovers’ from my minihome since I started creating it three years ago. Every time furnitures are replaced in my real home, they have to leave the minihome too. It has been adding up to quite a few homeless miniature-things.

When we were visiting my parents at Samsø recently I found an old doll house at a flea marked. It’s now in our bookshelf homing all the necklaced furnitures I had lying around.

Really it’s a great thing that I have a baby girl you know; it takes the edge of the grown-up-woman-playing-with-toys-wackiness I have going on here…

Hi everyone :)


  1. Reply
    Amanda Jane June 20, 2011

    Yay! I love it when you post about your mini home. :)

  2. Reply
    Call of the Small June 20, 2011

    Looks like a nice vintage Lundby house! And please don’t tell me that playing with minis is wacky! Because that means I am wacky!! ;)

    • Reply
      brinja June 23, 2011

      Call of the Small: It’s silly how when I see other people doing these things I think it’s very cool and very fascinating -and when it’s my own work. It’s suddenly easy to find it a bit wacky :-)

  3. Reply
    Jenny June 20, 2011

    I love the house! I recently found your blog and I can hardly stop looking at your mini’s! Your mini home has me in awe! Consider me wacky, I love anything mini. Having two daughters makes it seem quite normal ;)

  4. Reply
    Marieke June 21, 2011

    Same here: two daughters and loving everything mini!

  5. Reply
    Nell (Helen) June 21, 2011

    Love, Love, Love your blog Brinja
    Now, you’re gonna have to make a mini Lundby for the mini home…
    I have four Son’s so can’t palm my doll’s house obsession off on them when anyone sees my secret collection
    Nell x

  6. Reply
    Dionne June 21, 2011

    Your minihome is great,’evn though it’s mini :-)

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    annamaria June 22, 2011

    I have three girls, twenty one, twenty and nine. I love the ‘girly’ connection with all of them-even it is at different levels! It’s always the best of fun-(maybe apart from the teenage years where mothers and daughters go into fighting mode…!)
    I adore all your miniature work- Please keep it coming!! There is so ‘much’ symbolism I think in having a miniature version of your life around- I won’t analyse too much because it might spoil it- but there is and it’s awesome!
    Have a good one!XX

    • Reply
      brinja June 23, 2011

      Annamaria: :-) i loved your comment -thank you!

  8. Reply
    isabelle June 22, 2011

    your minihome is really stunning, something very special. but what about the small pieces of equipment? is that you who even fabric the bottles of wine etc.?

    • Reply
      brinja June 23, 2011

      Isabelle: Thanks. I found the small bottles of wine on a flea marked once :) I do make most of the things myself but there is a bit of cheating involved (I didn’t make the small plates either) :-)

  9. Reply
    cara June 23, 2011

    oh wow this is great! not wacky at all ;)

  10. Reply
    sigga June 24, 2011


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