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This is a peek at Michael and Viljas new project. As I have told you earlier we still have quite a way to go with our house construction. The first floor still looks like this and we still sleep like one big circus family in the living room.

But my workshop is big and Michael got the idea to build a room for Vilja in there instead. She needs a place to escape from Kornelius who is constantly interrupting what shes doing… and it’s always good to be able to get away from silly adults. She of course choose a pink princess-theme for her new place.

The wall was but up yesterday. The door today. And tomorrow we’ll work on some paint and wallpaper, she and I.


  1. Reply
    Celena January 10, 2015

    Lucky girl! xox

    • Reply
      Brinja January 10, 2015

      Totally :)

  2. Reply
    Nonna January 10, 2015

    Every girl should have an own princess corner! Looking forward to see the room!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    • Reply
      Brinja January 10, 2015

      Looking forward to show you :)

  3. Reply
    Ageeth January 10, 2015

    Great idea!
    I can well remember how happy I was to get a garret for myself.
    Then I was 12 and thought it was a paradise!

    • Reply
      Brinja January 10, 2015

      Good stuff :-) I hope it will be a success. She will still be sleeping in the living room though cause the workshop is another building.

  4. Reply
    Justyna January 10, 2015

    Happy Vilja! What a pleasure to decide how your room is going to be! :D

    • Reply
      Brinja January 10, 2015

      I totally agree. Best privilege ever. If you ask me :)

  5. Reply
    brooke January 10, 2015

    I love following your family story through the blog! The ingredients for that room look great, looking forward to seeing photos.

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