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Bang bang bangs!

Before and after!


  1. Reply
    jana November 9, 2010

    ♥ your new hair

  2. Reply
    Svenja November 9, 2010

    Both hairstyles look very nice. I also think about getting a fringe but as I usually let it grow after one month again I maybe should not do it. :)

  3. Reply
    lina November 9, 2010

    oh i love the bangs!!

  4. Reply
    PinkBow November 9, 2010

    You really suit this new style, it’s like a new you!

  5. Reply
    cloudy November 9, 2010

    black turtleneck and you are the queen of “chic”

  6. Reply
    Louise November 9, 2010


  7. Reply
    Anne November 9, 2010

    Looking good…

  8. Reply
    whitney November 10, 2010

    i love the new look! (i always call it “bringing back the bangs”) :)

  9. Reply
    Jane November 10, 2010

    Really cute! I tried to grow mine out so hard when I was younger, and now I have them again (off and on). I love it.

  10. Reply
    Lou November 10, 2010

    ♥ So cute ♥

  11. Reply
    jokemijn November 10, 2010

    love both your hairstyles. I’m fond of your beautiful haircolour!

  12. Reply
    sigga November 10, 2010

    Så fint!

  13. Reply
    Katrine Ny November 10, 2010

    Meget, meget fint.
    Hvem er din frisør??

    • Reply
      brinja November 12, 2010

      Katrine Ny: Jeg bliver klippet af en god veninge der ejer en frisør på Østerbro (hardangergade) den hedder frisør Nielsen.

  14. Reply
    bobbi November 10, 2010

    you’re very pretty an stylish with this new haircut. i wish i could wear bang too.

  15. Reply
    Anders November 10, 2010

    gorgeous, absolutly gorgeous!

  16. Reply
    lins November 10, 2010

    Anders is so sweet, does he have any brothers? ;-)

  17. Reply
    Nienke November 10, 2010


  18. Reply
    Nienke November 10, 2010


    (though I think the before-haircut looks just as well on you ;-))

  19. Reply
    gracia November 11, 2010

    Love your new fringe; it suits you v. well.

    I have just returned from the hairdressers and am going from your After photo to your Before photo as summer is too hard with a fringe for me. It can get mighty hot under there.

  20. Reply
    Maria Ana November 11, 2010

    Love it! Babyliss will be your new friend!

  21. Reply
    louise November 11, 2010

    Lovely new do. I just had my hair cut today and am enjoying that new do feeling too.

  22. Reply
    Claudia November 11, 2010

    wow! i like both haircuts the same :) Beautiful!

  23. Reply
    vouloircestpouvoir November 14, 2010

    Love it!! Hvor er din fantastiske trøje fra?

    • Reply
      brinja November 21, 2010

      vouloircestpouvoir: Trøjen er fra Zara.

  24. Reply
    marie November 24, 2010

    It fits you very well!!! I love!!!

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