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I’m newer gonna grow to old for miniatures.

Living far away from the big city makes flea-marked-visits much more fun. The other day we drove by a flea marked in the middle of nothing. Somebody bought an old manor and they didn’t know what to do about all the dusty old things inside…  Michael and I bought a bunch of old toys, some posters and some furnitures.

This is a reconstruction of ‘The Battle og Waterloo‘ (we think) …not that I needed one of those. But hey… :)

Any miniature-enthusiasts out there?


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    Marie September 24, 2014

    What a wonderful discovery! Do you know that the next year will be THE year of the Battle of Waterloo, here in Belgium? I’m absolutly not a specialist of this battle so… This treasure will stay mysterious!

    • Reply
      Brinja September 24, 2014

      Oh you’re right… 2015! wow :)

  2. Reply
    aaf September 24, 2014

    your son is going to love this very soon!

    • Reply
      Brinja September 24, 2014

      At the moment he’s only into tools. any kind of tool as long as it makes noise and is NOT a kids toy! :)

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    Yvonne/Echoes from the past September 24, 2014

    Yes, here!!! Really, really nice! I’m a big fan of the Dutch ‘muizenhuis’, which you can visit in the Amsterdam library. I have some mice in my bookcases now ;-)

    • Reply
      Brinja September 24, 2014


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