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Vilja spends half the time with Anders and the other half with me. One week at a time. I usually pick her up when I’m in Copenhagen. But this time Anders brought Vilja to the beach house and paid us a visit.


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    Justyna March 17, 2014


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    Rike March 17, 2014

    I think it’s lovely how Vilja still gets to see both of her parents so regularly. Very good parenting job :))

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    Michaela March 17, 2014


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    Celena March 17, 2014

    Great job to all of you!
    Those are beautiful photos :)

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    annamaria potamiti March 18, 2014


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    Anna March 18, 2014

    it’s beautiful!!

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    aaf March 18, 2014

    Good stuff.

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    Ellen March 18, 2014


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    Pati March 18, 2014

    How wonderful that you share responsibilities and care for your daughter …. :) Beautiful pictures :)

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    Kat March 18, 2014

    It’s good to see Vilija so happy, and it seems to me like you’re two are doing a great job, although being a separated couple. keep on working, i know how hard that can be!

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    Anka March 18, 2014

    so much happiness in these photos ♥

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    Ula March 19, 2014

    All your pictures are beautiful, but those are special <3

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