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    Mandy June 30, 2013

    Beautiful belly! :)

  2. Reply
    Dona June 30, 2013

    Sikke flot mave!!! :)

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    Núria June 30, 2013

    what an exciting moment!!!

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    Maria-Louisa June 30, 2013

    Så fin og tillykke

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    A + K = ♥ June 30, 2013

    Hvor fint – både maven og halsekæden (;

    – Anne

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    Fenke June 30, 2013

    Congratulations!! (And I have questions I don’t dare to ask cause I don’t know you for real… But how are you handling this situation?!)

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      Brinja July 26, 2013

      :-) I am happy and sad, overwhelmed, confused and excited. But most of all I’m happy! Thank you for asking.

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    Nienke Weick June 30, 2013

    Stunningly beautiful!!

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    Ida June 30, 2013

    Så flot du er! Hvor langt henne er du?

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    Ineke July 1, 2013

    You are beautiful with your little boy belly. X

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    Pjèr July 1, 2013

    Show Off ! ;-)

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    Emma July 1, 2013

    hi Brinja, what a beautiful shot of your belly!
    I have been reading your blog for 2 years now and always wanted to come to Copenhagen and visit your shop. Now it is finally happening, my best friend got a job in Aarhus and he’ll land in Copenhagen at the end of July where I will meet him! I am so sad that you closed your shop so shortly before I will make it to Copenhagen…do you have any tips for what else we can do? We love good food, some culture and exploring the city…
    Anyhow, I am very happy that you keep blogging since your blog is unique and authentic (thank you very, very much for not forcing us through sponsored posts, advertising etc).
    I admire and respect you for being so open and sharing your life with us, since I don’t know you in real life it feels weird to write this but whatever: I like you a lot!

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      Brinja July 26, 2013

      :-) thank you so so much for your sweet words. They made me happy! I will get back to you with some copenhagen tips as soon as I can find time.
      Meanwhile maybe some of you copenhagen-people out there has got some tips???

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    Anna på Island July 1, 2013

    du sode pige.
    tillykke med det hele :)
    knus og kram.

    • Reply
      Brinja July 26, 2013

      Tusindtusind tak Anna :) rigtig god sommer. b

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    Justyna July 1, 2013

    Beautiful :).

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    raichel July 1, 2013

    congratulations!! big changes…

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    Saskia July 1, 2013

    Beautiful belly!

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    Ivana July 2, 2013


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    stjerneglass July 2, 2013

    So pretty!

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    Petra July 3, 2013

    Cute. :)

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    Tina Lila July 4, 2013

    Congrats dear Brinja! I’m pregnant too, we’re expecting our fourth baby, a baby girl <3 At home I have two boys and a girl. My due date is on Nov.20th, and yours? Enjoy your pregnancy and I'll keep enjoing your blog ;) Tina from Slovenia

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      Brinja July 26, 2013

      Wow, four kids!!! good going :)
      I’m due November 1th. Exciting.

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    Teri July 6, 2013

    You look wonderful!
    I hope you’re feeling well.

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    Teri Roughen July 8, 2013

    so happy for you! hope all is well. xo Teri

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    Maria Ana July 19, 2013

    Congratulations Brinja :) I am so happy for you. For this, for the love and mostly because you are happy! Kiss

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