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My workshop is still a huge mess because of all the moving boxes from Copenhagen and because of all the thousands of projects we have going on at the same time. One of them being a new stockroom for our café machinery during closing season. they don’t like the cold Nordic winter so we need to put it somewhere we can heat up the air a bit.

Michael is finishing up a tile-thing on one of my workshop desks and I have been painting… painting signs for the shop, painting Viljas new (old) bed and painting pieces of unfinished details around doors and windows in the workshop. Kornelius is ALL over the place and he is unfortunately not a sleepyhead like his sister. I enjoy every single moment of his once a day 30minnutes nap.

Ps. I am so sorry about all these bits and pieces pictures. I promise you a bigger-picture of the whole thing soon (including Viljas new room -of course)


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    Ageeth January 30, 2015

    Well, I like your bits and pieces pictures. They look like puzzles and show much.
    For example, all the paint colors on the second picture :-)
    Nice to finish everything (with your hands) and then see the results.
    Love the little pink tiles.

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      Brinja February 12, 2015

      am glad you fell that way. Thank you :) -b

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    Justyna January 31, 2015

    I love all your photos! I’m waiting for Vilja’s room pictures. Fingers crossed for all your projects and plans :).

    • Reply
      Brinja February 12, 2015


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