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2015 is starting of with a big change in my life. I’m leaving Copenhagen for good. moving to the beach house. As soon as our work in Tivoli is done (three opening days left) we will pack up the shop and the apartement as fast as we can and be on our way. I am so excited. can’t wait.


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    Nonna January 2, 2015

    Wish you and your family all the best for this year!

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    Lilly Palmas January 2, 2015

    Dear Brinja, I do to you my most fantastic wishes for this new year 2015, and for all your projects are happy with your beautiful family … lots of kisses from Italy, ciao ciao Lilly Palmas xoxo

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      Brinja January 3, 2015

      Thank you Lilly. And a happy new year to you :) -b

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    Maaike van mengelmoes January 2, 2015

    Now you only go back there as a visitor. That must be strange. I wish you and your family all the best in this new and exciting year.
    Enjoy everything you do as much as you can! (I will try the same…. ;-))

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      Brinja January 3, 2015

      yeah it will be a very strange feeling for sure to go back as a visitor to Copenhagen. But good strange -I’m sure :)

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    Maaike van mengelmoes January 2, 2015

    Did you know, by the way, we are followers on Instagram? I am maaike074 (But that’s going to be our little secret… Sssstt…..)

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      Brinja January 3, 2015

      Now I know :) Hi there… so nice to meet you :) -b

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    Jantje Schaafsma January 2, 2015

    Still goiing to Tivoli in winter?
    Congratulations with moving to the coast.

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      Brinja January 3, 2015

      We have decided this was our last year in tivoli. Thank you and happy new year :) b

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    Celena January 2, 2015

    Best of luck! Your beach house is paradise…. no wonder you want to stay there full time :)

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      Brinja January 3, 2015


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    sara January 2, 2015

    Sound like a perfect plan

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    Stephanie Koster January 3, 2015

    Good luck in your “new” home ! I’m sure you will visit Copenhagen enough times.

    kind regards,


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      Brinja January 4, 2015

      Happy new year Stephanie and thank you :)

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    Valerie January 3, 2015

    What a big change to begin the year. Enjoy the time at the beach house with your dream team ! I with all the best in your personal ans professional projects ! Happy 2015 !

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      Brinja January 4, 2015

      how cute, dream team :) I like that. Happy new year Valerie

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    Ageeth January 3, 2015

    I wish you and yours a very homey year!!!

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    Kal January 4, 2015

    Good luck!!! Are you selling or keeping the Copenhagen apartment?

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      Brinja January 4, 2015

      The apartment is not mine to sell. I was renting :) but from 1th of February someone else is …

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        Brinja January 4, 2015

        oh, and thank you :) happy newyear

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    Miss Gingerbread January 4, 2015

    Good luck and all the best in your new home on the coast! I have to admit that you are a true inspiration to me because you always try out something new and are never afraid to change your life. A little more fearlessness that is my wish for the new year! :)

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      Brinja January 4, 2015

      Thank you so much for your sweet and warming words :) Happy new year to you too :)

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    Ineke January 6, 2015

    Dear Brinja, this is a very good decision you have made. In the beach house is happiness and it is such a lovely place to live. I wish you all the best for 2015 and many, many years after with a lot of creative blogs for us!

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      Brinja January 10, 2015

      Dear Ineke, thank you very much and I look very much forward to many many years of blogs for you. Happy new year :)

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