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Since Anders and I parted ways a few months ago he has been living in our old flat. The apartment has been sold now and we are wrapping things up… what a weird feeling.

Anders is looking for a new place to live (in Copenhagen of course), if you should have any suggestions please tell?


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    Anna April 12, 2013

    Must be hard for the three of you to cope with all these changes….wish you luck, Anna.

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    Sigga April 12, 2013


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    Traveling Mama April 12, 2013

    I know this must be such a hard thing for you. Thinking of you!

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    Signe April 12, 2013

    Åh det er hårdt at skulle sige farvel til hjerteblod. I know. Vi har en skøn lejlighed til salg på Oehlenschlægergade 49, på Vesterbro. Skønt kvarter, lys 4.salslejlighed snart med altan.

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    Jera April 13, 2013

    It’s kind of hard for us too you know:). We’ve been used to seeing beautiful snapshots from your every day life in this flat and I think many of us could identify with your lives. At least I did, cause I have a 4-year old boy and live with my partner in a flat in the capital of my country too. I don’t have my own business yet, but hopefully some day. Anyhow, life really does seem to bring different things to us, it’s how we cope with them. I think you’re being very mature and brave and positive about it, so thank you for being an inspiration in this area as well.

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    Ingrid April 13, 2013

    It’s sad to leave such a lovely house but good to start afresh your new lives. what happens to the miniature house? I witnessed a horrible separation of my best friend. Good to see that the your separation is more friendly. Wish you all the luck en strength and defenitely a new life with lots of new encounters and perhaps a new love life! Greetings, Ingrid

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    Ineke April 14, 2013

    Oh dear, what a lot of changes. I wish you all the luck with your daughter.

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