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HAPPY 2015!!!

This is a peek at some of the things that went down in 2014. I wish you all the very best for 2015!!!

Our tivoli shop is open until midnight today. The kids and I are not big fans of fireworks so we are having our own little party at home waiting patiently for Michael to come home and give us a big new year hug.


While Tivoli is on (until 4th of jan) Michael works 12 hours a day 6 days a week. So when daddy is home Kornelius enjoys every moment.

With our Circus-business in the backyard. Kornelius is used to having both of us near by all the time. being a natural part of our workday too.

ps. remember the baby-crib in the background? it used to be yellow and Vilja used to sleep in it! I painted it baby blue while I was expecting Kornelius. what feels like only a second ago… Anyway I have all the kids I could wish for and I’m gonna stop here :) so anybody wants a baby crib? I’m giving it away. it can be picked up in Copenhagen. Let me know (


It’s not that easy to see my jewelery when you pass the shop. But top right corner! in Viljas doll bed. She and I made the display together and she was okay with the ‘donation’. A sacrifice for the bigger purpose you know :)

I have very little computer-time at the moment and it gets dark outside before I can fetch the camera out of my purse… grrr…!  miss blogging. and miss a good cup of coffee…. most of all I miss the beach house. Already.



I’ve made new bird necklaces. Just like in the olden days. These are for the Halloween shop in tivoli.

News in the shop…

1: I spend a great deal of last week making new  jewellery. Here’s ear-studs. 2: Paper goods, books and so on… 3: Pretty drawings in pretty frames. 4: Leather gloves in candy colours.

Window display

Here I am…

Before and after I had a haircut today.

The necklace I’m wearing is new. I’ve made a few for the webshop and some for my reallife-shop too. They will be up sometime tomorrow or Friday.

Blog collage

I am putting together some pictures to put in my shop  for inspiration.  Do you like the idea?

The photostrip is from here. I edited it using GIMP and added pictures from my blog. The unevenness wasn’t on purpose but I actually like that part.

Bird brooches and picture frames

Today was a quiet day at the shop. I finally had time to re-do the webshop look and upload a couple of ‘jewels’. Have a look!