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Okay things are a little bit chaotic around here… But they will eventually be fabulous. I’m sure. We had help in the house today. Michaels parents stopped by. They know a whole lot about house building.

I made peanut butter cookies.


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    Katie January 15, 2014

    Your photos are so beautiful, even in what you call chaos :) And the peanut butter cookies!!

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    Celena January 15, 2014

    How do you not weigh 1000 kg with all the lovely treats that you bake? ;) I want your trick, please!

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    Stephanie January 16, 2014

    I would love to have the recipe! Could you share it?

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    Pjèr January 16, 2014

    You guys must love hotmelt glue.
    Is that what makes the house look so good? ;o)
    If that is your stash, what does Michael use it for?

    On yesterdays pictures: you sure make pretty babies B.

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    Annamaria Potamiti January 16, 2014

    Can’t wait to see the house finished. I think it will be fabulous too.
    We are also about to move to Vancouver Island. So we will have our version
    of a ‘Beach house’. Your photos are so inspiring. But I will be making
    paintings of my new home. Can’t wait for that either. It’s the mess of moving
    that gets to me. As an artist I need me predictable routine in order to get
    enough time in the studio. You are braving all these changes very well B.

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    mateja January 20, 2014

    Looks delicious!

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