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The circus is shaping up. By now you might even be able to see what it is turning into?


  1. Reply
    Celena March 26, 2014

    What a great project! :)

  2. Reply
    Pjèr March 27, 2014

    Can’t see it yet, but if I add the way you ask the question:
    vintage mobile festival butik?

    Any points for this answer? ;o)

    • Reply
      Brinja March 30, 2014


  3. Reply
    Ann March 27, 2014

    Jeah catering!

  4. Reply
    die.ali March 27, 2014

    sale of ice cream ?

    • Reply
      Brinja March 30, 2014

      :-) right on!

  5. Reply
    Susan March 27, 2014


  6. Reply
    mariaah March 27, 2014

    I hope it’s a B&B so i can come for a visit and can sleep in it ;-)

    • Reply
      Brinja March 30, 2014

      :-) you can come for coffee and a piece of cake. Maybe a nap in the sun? :-)

  7. Reply
    Su March 28, 2014

    Amazing! Su.
    Trendy Pastel

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