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The ice cream circus looks a bit sad when it’s closed down. I have wanted to do something about that big blank pink overhang ever since we made it. but I’m not sure what… a logo or a drawing, maybe some writing?… any suggestions?


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    Stephanie November 7, 2014

    A logo and a drawing!

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    Ineke November 7, 2014


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    Sandra November 8, 2014

    a logo and a little story or poem about ice cream :o)

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    Nonna November 8, 2014

    Perhaps some circus drawings!

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    Brinja November 8, 2014

    All good ideas!!! thank you folks. Please keep em coming:)

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    Julie November 8, 2014

    Måske er det lidt for omfattende, men måske kunne de to låger være to øjenlåg – på cirkusklovnen/-prinsessen/el.lign. Sådan ‘klovnen sover’-agtigt. Måske et par ordentlige vipper, man også kan se når de er åbne?

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    Caroline A November 8, 2014

    Perhaps you could make the wagon look alive by drawing some eyes on it. I just bought the dreamy pillowcases by Jasmine Dowling with eyes on them :) More inspiration could come from Olle Eksell’s eyes or German artist and graphic designer Marta Fromme

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    Runa November 8, 2014

    Maybe few icecreams in a row in different colour.. Love watching your blog! Greetungs Runa from Iceland

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    Ageeth November 8, 2014

    Something interactive; chalkboard paint with a drawing for coloring
    with chalks or tic tac toe (XOX).

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    Celena November 8, 2014

    What about doing some character drawings of you, Michael and all the kids? It could be really cute :)

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    Meri November 10, 2014

    You could draw a scene, as if there were still people selling icecream.
    The idea of the logo on the wagon is also nice, i think.
    I love your blog, I come back almost every day to see what you are up to. Thank you for the inspiration!

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    Meri November 10, 2014

    P.S. they could also be covered with some nice patterns. You could make a pattern out of cones and icecream-balls (and mouths?)
    or an abstract pattern, contrasting the stripes on the roof of the wagon.
    Lots of possibilities! ;)

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