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Copenhagen marathon

The finish-line of the Copenhagen marathon last Sunday was placed just outside the shop.


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    Brit May 27, 2010

    Must have been quite a surprise in the morning when you opened the shop! We’re going to Copenhagen this summer, are there any fun shops (apart from yours which we will definitely visit), restaurants or cafes you would recommend?

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      brinja May 27, 2010

      Brit: how exciting :) -I’ll think about places to visit in Copenhagen and send you an e-mail!

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    anna May 27, 2010

    The first one is a great shot to suggest how populair your shop is ;)

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    Joyce Pauline May 28, 2010

    oooh, gosh, i love your shop! i just fell in love with those penguins on the counter^^
    and i defenitely have to have a wooden basket like yours in the left corner!

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    Joyce Pauline May 28, 2010

    oh, stupid me – i completely forgot to tell that you’ve been in one of the biggest newspapers in Holland! Twice already, actually.
    Once in a column of a very popular journalist who wrote some very nice things about your blog, and once a little notification, something like ‘fun blog to read.’
    your fame is spreading!

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    Sigga May 30, 2010

    Sejt billede!

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