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We had a meeting today. One of the good kind of meetings. Testing and talking about desserts! Not to early to start preparations for ‘Cirkus is’ 2015.


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    Ageeth October 6, 2014

    One fan already! Kornelius seems a good tester to me!
    The desserts look great!

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    Katrine October 6, 2014

    All of them, please!

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    Nanna October 6, 2014

    Ih, hvor fantastisk sødt et billede det sidste!

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    Celena October 7, 2014

    I think that I may have to work for you! Accepting CVs? ;) I promise… I am good with deserts! ;)

  5. Reply
    Mandy October 7, 2014

    They look jummy! And Kornelius seems to feel the same way :)

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    Pjèr October 7, 2014

    What a dedicated panel …

  7. Reply
    Malene October 7, 2014

    Oh my, det ser godt ud!

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    Cécile October 8, 2014


    I am always admirative to watch all your projects as you are building them.

    Nice idea these desserts to go. And they look yummy.


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    Alisa October 9, 2014

    Love the last photo! Those look delicious!

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