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Family portrait

This is a picture taken especially for next weeks letter to grandma. Hihi big smiles and staged poses. Now even I can see how much we look alike.


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    mette / ungt blod June 2, 2010

    hvor sødt!

  2. Reply
    Milla June 2, 2010

    It is really amazing how much you look alike!! Interesting to see in the future if the cousins will do, too. Beautiful people!

  3. Reply
    ne June 2, 2010

    who’s who?

  4. Reply
    Ju June 2, 2010

    Soooo sweet!

  5. Reply
    Hildur June 2, 2010

    Mine to smukke søstre. Jeg glæder mig til at se jer efter mine eksaminer! <3

  6. Reply
    lins June 2, 2010

    adorable times four !!!!

  7. Reply
    Jane June 2, 2010

    Four beautiful girls!

  8. Reply
    nico June 2, 2010

    beautiful,two generations in the double,
    your granny must be very proud :-)

  9. Reply
    Stephanie June 2, 2010

    so alike, just like my younger brother and me! the babies are so cute(the ladies too)! :)

  10. Reply
    rijaH June 3, 2010

    Hold op hvor i ligner hinanden :D Virkelig sødt billede :)

  11. Reply
    Dotti June 4, 2010

    You four girls are making me smile this morning.

  12. Reply
    Muriel June 5, 2010

    great picture!!

  13. Reply

    too sweet! she’ll be very happy :)

  14. Reply
    Grace June 7, 2010

    The babies look alike too….they are very cute.

  15. Reply
    Ina January 17, 2011

    Hvor ser i søde ud :)
    Et meget forsinket tillykke til jer begge2
    kh Ina :D

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