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First day…

I truly enjoyed reading your comments about babies and television. Thanks for all of them.

Starting this week Vilja will be in daycare and I will be able to catch up on lots and lots of work that has piled up during the last couple of months. I am looking so much forward to really get things done in the shop and not having to take care of Vilja at the same time.

She actually started daycare last week, but got sick after just a few days. Then Anders got sick too and now Monday is suddenly back around.  Anyway, today is Viljas first ‘real’ (without mum) day at the day nursery. And my first day with time to get back to work… gotta go. -B


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    Hildur January 24, 2011

    God første arbejdsdag :-)

  2. Reply
    irene January 24, 2011

    oh, this sounds good – although it’s probably not that easy for all three of you :) good luck!

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    annamaria potamiti January 24, 2011

    This will be a new phase for all of you- very exciting- you to have more time for doing things with some sanity- your daughter to explore new things and relationships- good luck with it all-:)

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    Alice January 24, 2011

    It is a lot of work to be running a shop and taking care of your baby. I hope all is well for you and your family.

    I hope you get to catch up on your work. :)

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    Kristin January 25, 2011

    What a great day for your baby. I wish you luck.

    Your blog is lovely, I will come back.

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    Sofia February 27, 2011

    First I must say that I really love your blog and that your miniture home-project is really cool!

    Also, I was wondering where your white bookcase is from? Is it custom made? We’re thinking of switching bookcase at home into a white one that covers an entire wall and I don’t know wether to go for a custom made or just buy a bunch of Billys at Ikea…

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