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First prize winner!

Copenhagen fashion week is coming up and my friend Gitte is the first prize winner of this competition -she choose me to be ‘the friend to come along’ so tomorrow we’re going to be fashionistas for a day -how cool is that?

It will be the first time for me to be away from Vilja for more than just a couple of hours and I’m sure I’ll miss her like crazy but right now a girls day out is just what I need…Yay!

Pictures are from my bedroom -most of the dresses are not really suitable for breast-feeding. So until then they just hang around and look pretty.


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    Linda August 10, 2010

    Det lyder som de rette ingredienser til en gennemskøn dag. God fornøjelse i morgen.

  2. Reply
    Svenja August 10, 2010

    Have a great time! I am sure it is going to be fun!

  3. Reply
    whitney August 11, 2010

    ah – i know how it is! there are so many things i want to wear as soon as i am done breast-feeding…

  4. Reply
    Monica November 15, 2010

    Hej Brinja, ville bare høre, hvor den gule cardigan er fra? Jeg tænkte på et tidspunkt at den skulle jeg købe når jeg bare havde råd, men så glemte jeg det og nu er den selvfølgelig long gone – men måske kunne det lade sig gøre at finde den på trendsales… På forhånd tak og tak for en god blog :)

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