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Freeezing Copenhagen…

I took these pictures from a small bridge I cross on my way to work in the morning. The rare sight of sun shining through the clouds made me stop my bike for a short photo-shoot, even though it’s to cold to stand still if only for 20 seconds.  Ughhh… cold cold cold…


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    lisakjellerød January 19, 2010

    It was like this in Norway over Christmas! Thankfully London has warmed up and today we are 6 degrees celcius which feels spring like to me!

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    sartenada January 19, 2010

    Hi. You have still have so cold there that is ice?

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    Maria Ana January 19, 2010

    For you it must be boring all that cold but I’m so jealous that you have a true winter!!
    And most of all I wish I could ride my bike to work:)

  4. Reply
    irene January 19, 2010

    wow! great shots!

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    Yruxullust January 19, 2010

    Amazing pic o.o

    You’re having a really cold winter, no like here. We’re having a very hot winter, even for a place like Canary Islands.

    I’m seriously thinking about visiting Copenhagen soon to experiment some cold weather =D

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    Judith January 19, 2010

    How beautiful! It must be great to be in Copenhagen now. In Berlin, everything is dark and boring.

    • Reply
      brinja January 26, 2010

      Judith: This was only a momentarily flash of sun, these last many weeks have been gray and very very dark…

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    lins January 20, 2010

    so interesting, thanks!

  8. Reply
    katrina January 20, 2010

    these images are stunning.

  9. Reply
    Inge January 20, 2010

    Flotte billeder Brinja, jeg er vild med isflagerne.
    Ha en dejlig aften
    kh Inge

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    Alice January 22, 2010

    it looks so beautiful!What are those white buildings in the background of the first picture? They look very interesting.

    • Reply
      brinja January 26, 2010

      Alice: Mostly expensive apartments and offices -only a few years old… We don’t have many other building that looks like these in Copenhagen.

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