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Gitte’s accessories

I went out for coffee with my girlfriend Gitte yesterday. She wore a chunky horseshoe necklace, dusty purple nail polish and an orange plastic wallet. Pretty cool stuff huh?


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    mette/ungt blod March 20, 2010

    jeg er normalt totalt dårlig til neglelak, men de der negle ser så fine ud, at man bliver helt fristet!

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    daan March 20, 2010

    Indeed! love that nailpolish, not too but just the little extra.

    happy weekend, daan

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    brinja March 20, 2010

    Mette: Ja, jeg fik også selv helt lyst!

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    katrina March 21, 2010

    really cool. my eyes immediately zoned in on her nail polish and love the subtlety of it.

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    Robin March 21, 2010

    What color/brand is that nail polish? It’s the perfect lilac I’ve been looking for…

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      brinja March 24, 2010

      Robin: I’ll get back to you when I know!

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    Alice March 21, 2010

    What caught my attention was her orange wallet. I love the color, it is so vibrant

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    Maria Ana March 22, 2010


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    lins March 23, 2010

    That looks like OPI “Done Out in Deco” which I’m wearing right now! Our Target carries OPI–not the brand new shades, but a good selection.

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      brinja March 24, 2010

      Lins: It might be? didn’t know that brand. -I have to ask Gitte when I see her!

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