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A few month ago I would never had guessed that my life would be like this on my 30tiest birthday…  it’s a grey and boring Monday, but if you can’t wear glitter on your own birthday I don’t know when.


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    Fine February 25, 2013

    Stort tillykke! Og god vind fremover! Knus, Fine

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    maria February 25, 2013

    Happy Birthday,hope you have a great day:)

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    sabine February 25, 2013

    Stort tillykke Brinja. Du er en af de sejeste stærkeste 30 årige kvinder jeg har mødt!

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    Sara February 25, 2013

    Happy 30th! I turned 30 a few months ago. I thought it was terrifying then pretty awesome now that I’m there.

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    Núria February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday Brinja!!! in almost two weeks I will be 30 too and I will wear glitter on me also.

    Wellcome to the new and exciting decade. The 30’s are the new 20’s

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    Susannah Conway February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday, love! Your 30s are a fabulous decade when you truly sink into being yourself. I just turned 40 a few weeks back and was sad to leave my 30s, though can already tell 40 is going to rock ;-) Hugs to you as you enter this new decade of your life with a new home and new possibilities x

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    mariana February 25, 2013

    Happy Happy Birthday, Brinja!!
    Beautiful sweater.

    p.s.: Pisces… We are the best! ;)

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    Mandy February 25, 2013

    Happy Birthday Brinja! :)

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    vanja February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday, Brinja! 30’s are the best, you’ll see! :)

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    Sine February 25, 2013

    Tillykke tillykke Brinja! 30’s are amazing!! Gammel nok til at udgyde respekt men stadig ung nok til ikke, at blive sat sammen med de gamle til familiefesterne.. ;)

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    Ellen February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday!

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    CarolineZ February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday! Hope the day is a little less boring. Enjoy!

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    Teri Roughen February 25, 2013

    exactly! we should all wear glitter whenever we need a pick me up, but especially on our bday! Happy Birthday! xo Teri

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    Edmée February 25, 2013

    happy birthday! I’ll also turn 30 this year :)

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    Eliza February 25, 2013

    Happy Birthday Brinja! May your 30 be fabulous!

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    Roboti February 25, 2013

    My 30th birthday was also not the kind of birthday I had thought of. However, happy, happy birthday to you!!!

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    Marie February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday & have a nice and sweet day !

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    Gro A Stokke February 25, 2013

    Gratulerer med dagen! Liker bloggen din! Og i april skal jeg til København, må innom din butikk!

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    b February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday to you. Hope all your dreams will come true on your new age. x

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    lina February 25, 2013

    ohhh happy happy birthday dear brinja! you rock that glitter!

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    Karin - The F Girl February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday Brinja. I hope the day brought you lots of sparkles and hugs from your loved ones. xx

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    Burcin Ikiz February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday, Brinja! You are a brave woman and I am sure your 30th age will bring you lots of happy surprises. :)

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    judith February 25, 2013

    happy birthday!!

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    Malene February 25, 2013

    Tillykke med dagen :)

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    Lisa P. February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday, Brinja. I hope this year is much better than you expect. Welcome to the 30’s. :)

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    Katinka February 25, 2013

    First a big big hug, a little kiss on your cheek and a warm “Happy Happy Birthday dear Brinja”.
    Honestly speaking I don’t like mondays. It is the most boring day of the week. But we cannot choose… ;-) So what would be better to wear glitter on that day and on your 30s, it makes this day much brighter. Enjoy this day, and yeah, welcome to the 30’s.

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    Marie-Louise February 25, 2013

    Tillykke med fødselsdagen. :-)

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    Ineke February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday Brinja. Nowadays I am 62 years old but I remember my 30st as it was yesterday. Finally I was grown up.

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    heodeza February 25, 2013

    *** Happy Birthay dear Brinja! ***
    You know what? I have that exact same sweater and… I also wore it for my birthday last year! :-) It’s a perfect birthday sweater.
    I hope you had a lovely, lovely day.
    Love from the Netherlands,

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    Saskia February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday! Glitter looks good on you. :)

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    ernø February 25, 2013

    bon anniversaire, Happy Birthday, all the best for you.

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    Merel February 25, 2013

    Happy happy B-day! If your year will sparkle the way your shirt does, it’s going to be a good one :-)

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    Alenka February 25, 2013

    Happy Birthday.
    30’s are the best years of your life.

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    Marleen February 25, 2013

    Happy Birthday!

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    ulla February 25, 2013

    Stort tillykke og glitter er i den grad i orden på sin føs´dag!

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    Michaela February 25, 2013

    It’s a good age 30. You are still so young.
    Happy Birthday.
    How big is the new flat? Looks nice.
    Good luck.

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    naa February 25, 2013

    Happy birthday Brinja and best wishes for you!!!!

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    daisy February 26, 2013

    Happy birthday Brinja!
    You are so young! Take advantage of every day!
    …and good use the only life you’ve got!

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    Heather February 26, 2013

    Happy Birthday Brinja!
    Best Birthday wishes to you!

  40. Reply
    annamaria potamiti February 26, 2013

    Happy Birthday Brinja! Best wishes;-)

  41. Reply
    Sigga February 26, 2013

    Tillykke med fødselsdagen elskede Søs!

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    Suzy February 26, 2013

    Happy b-day dear Brinja!30 is a great number.to me the most fantastic changes happened and I couldn’t be happier.huge hug Suzy

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    Alexandra K February 26, 2013

    oh.. HAppy Birthday!! =) Wishing you lots of love, smiles and happiness!

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    Ellen February 26, 2013

    Happy Birthday Brinja! Your blog is a wonderful inspiring place — hope that your day is similarly full of life and colour! Take care :) Ellen

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    Valerie February 26, 2013

    Tillykke med fødselsdagen! Heureux anniversaire, from France! 30’s, great decade !

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    Traveling Mama February 26, 2013

    Tillykke med fødselsdagen! Liv bliver bedre efter 30!

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    Justyna February 26, 2013

    Happy Birthday! Wszystkiego najlepszego! Beautiful look, glitter sweater and black jacket :).

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    B February 26, 2013

    Gratulerer med dagen, og alt godt i årene som kommer!

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    Jane February 27, 2013

    Happy birthday to you, best wishes for many exciting things in the years to come! Xoxo.

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    Sonia Otero February 27, 2013

    You may have been a Monday gray and full of memories, but it sure will make children smile and enjoy your 30th birthday and others. congratulations!!

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    Nadine February 27, 2013

    happy belated birthday! loads of luck, success, health, love and sunshine to you. i hope all your wishes and dreams come true :)

  52. Reply
    Stéphanie February 28, 2013

    Happy birthday Brinja !

  53. Reply
    Ulrika February 28, 2013

    Happy birthday Brinja! :)

  54. Reply
    Anja February 28, 2013

    Happy b day!

  55. Reply
    Agata&Artur March 1, 2013

    100 hugs! Life gets better just like wine. Sto lat!!!

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    Aysun March 25, 2013

    Happy Birthday Brinja!

    My sister adviced your blog and i’m following it about 2 years. Today we surprised that you both were born in the same date. She’s also a mother of a seven years old girl that we celebrate her b’day yesterday, and my sister loves art and craft as you do. It’s good to know there are lovely and talented ladies have a lot of commons somewhere far away in the world. We live in Istanbul/Turkiye, it’s a big and hectic city. I always try to spare time to visit your blog to breathe little bit in the office, we wish you and your family all the best! (My sister’s blog is http://bizimhikayemis.blogspot.com/ (Turkish means ‘our story’)

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