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Wonderful, drastic, sad and good things have happened to me this year.

Roughly sketched (very roughly): Anders and I separated, I moved to a new place, I met Michael, I lost my mom, I got pregnant, I closed down my shop and I gave birth to baby Kornelius…

Wonder what 2014 will bring?



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    Wilhelmine December 31, 2013

    Bildene dine er så fine, hvert bilde har en egen historie. 2013 har også vært et trist år for meg, å miste noen er så vondt. Livet får perspektiver man ikke var forberedt på. Håper 2014 blir et amazing år, gleder meg til å følge bloggen din videre. Takk for at du deler med deg;) Klemmer fra Norge

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    Celena December 31, 2013

    What a 2013 you have had and thank you for sharing these moments with us! May 2014 bring many more happy experiences and memories! Hugs and thoughts from Montreal xox

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    Mandy December 31, 2013

    2013 has been a big year! Have a wonderful 2014, all the best wishes and more! :) xoxo

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    Marion December 31, 2013

    Life is crazy and sometimes is wonderful. I wish the best for you on 2014 !

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    Ineke van Gurp-Tak December 31, 2013

    It was a sad and a happy year for you Brinja and afterall I believe, that you are very happy with your family and opportunities. I wish you all the best for 2014.

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    geeske January 1, 2014

    Geee Brinja, never a dull moment it seems! Thanks for blogging about all the highs & lows. Lots of love for 2014!!

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    Annamaria Potamiti January 1, 2014

    Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones!!

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    Michaela January 3, 2014

    drastic years bring a strong future…you are a nice person you will have a very powerful 2014.

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    your friend January 4, 2014

    After many placid years, this last year was full of turmoil for me. I didn’t think my heart could withstand all the loss and sadness. There were some miraculous blessings to cling to or I don’t think I would have survived. My faith was tested and I still have it. I hope next year will be a better year for everyone. ~ your friend

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    evdokia t. January 6, 2014

    a good, optimistic new year to you and your family!
    may it bring beautiful surprises!

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    emma January 9, 2014

    all the best to you!

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    Ula January 11, 2014

    Dear Brinja, my loveliest and best wishes to you and your family, I hope life treats you well!

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