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fruit garden

strawberrys grapes

cherry trees blue hortencia

Number two pic (+3 and 5) is my new fruit-garden (birthday present). still in progress. It looked like this not that long ago. And this was how it all started.

We have been busy lately. like always. Happy but busy. The chickens feels right at home now and I love having them around. ‘The Circus’ is going great. even though the weather is not always ice-cream-perfect. Trees are growing and birds are singing.


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    Ineke May 21, 2015

    Amazing all the changes in the garden, the beach house, CIRKUS IS however, I am happy for you and your family.
    I realy do like the changes in our lifes. My husband and I bought 10 years ago a nice little house in the south of France and this week we sold it. We would like to move in the Netherlands again, not because we are too old (65 and 68) but we are looking forward to new adventures.

    Yesterday you were off the blog and I was in shock, because it’s part of my life to check every day ” Brinja”!

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      Brinja May 21, 2015

      Dear Ineke, congrats on your house sale and hurray for new adventures. newer too old for adventures right? :-)

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    Tiggy May 21, 2015

    Dear Brinja,
    Love your house and garden. I’ve been following your adventures for a while now.
    Very inspirational!!

    • Reply
      Brinja May 21, 2015

      Dear Tiggy. Thank you for commenting :) and thank you for sweet words. b

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    Saskia May 22, 2015

    This looks like a little paradise, it’s lovely. Just looking at those beautiful pictures of your house and beach makes me feel warm and relaxed..:) (Though I know that both of you do really hard work..)

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