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And with all this new space in the living room Vilja has gotten a princess-like corner of her own..


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    Celena October 25, 2014

    With my 3 boys, there is no chance that I would ever get the chance to put together such a sweet space… I will live vicariously through you ;) Lucky Vilja xox

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      Brinja October 26, 2014

      I’m glad I can be ‘there’ for you :)

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    Nonna October 26, 2014

    What a lovely corner! And a lovely little brother with a doll…
    Have a nice Sunday!

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      Brinja October 26, 2014

      :-) hi

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    Ageeth October 26, 2014

    I love Kornelius boy doll!
    My sons had their own boy doll to, but never played with it.
    But he has a sister as exemple!

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      Brinja October 26, 2014

      Dear Ageeth. yeah that boy doll is so cute. His name is ‘Erik’. He’s actually Viljas doll – she got him for her first Christmas. But Kornelius loves him to bits :)

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    stunningly charming, your place. (Not that I expected anything else, I’ve got to know your style that much in the last few years.) But I still always end up looking at your photos wondering how on earth do you manage to turn everything into a fairy tail! It takes a little fairy (Vilja), I guess ;) xx, Damjana

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      Brinja October 26, 2014

      Dear Damjana, thank you so much for your sweet and warming words :) Vilja sure is a little fairy (she calls herself Rosetta when she’s in her fairy dress hihi) All the best. b

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