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Is this wrong?


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    Maja B January 21, 2011

    Det ser ikke forkert ud i hvertfald…
    Hun ligner en der syntes det er mega fedt…;))
    Min dreng havde meget fornøjelse af de fire bamser, vi nævner ingen navne her! Det var værre med moren, der kommer et tidspunkt, hvor man ligsom får nok…

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    stjerneglass January 21, 2011

    Neinei, heeelt ok!
    Min lille på ni måneder fryder seg når han får se Egg Song på Youtube. ; )

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    lisakjellerød January 22, 2011

    Anything that makes Vilja grin like that is not wrong!

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    Laila January 22, 2011

    Der er intet galt i det.. Det er udviklet til børn, der er farver, former, lyde og gentagelser! Lige noget for den slags størrelser og de elsker det..

    Tinky, winky, dipsy, lala, pooh.. Teletubbies teletubbies sig hej hej!!

    Kan den skisme stadig selvom mine drenge nu er 7 og 10 og forlængst er vænnet fra!! :o)

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    Margith January 22, 2011

    Hun skal nok klare sig igennem, min datter på 12 dem også :-)

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    Margith January 22, 2011

    så dem også, skulle der stå

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    Maria January 22, 2011

    Nårh, Se hendes ansigt, -det er da helt perfekt!!
    Stort kraaammm – er det jeg husker bedst fra teletubbies :-)

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    Natascha January 22, 2011

    Ha ha, hvor ER hun sød! Og som tidligere nævnt ovenfor, så er det jo alligvel med til at udvikle dem – farver, former og så videre.
    Så hvis bare man SELV kan lukke ørerne, så synes jeg det er heeeeelt fint!

    God weekend :o)

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    mojchka January 22, 2011

    No, it’s not wrong.
    Our (now almost 11 years old) doughter watched Teletubbies every day and ENJOYED IT just like Vilja.
    And, now she is nice girl, who loves to be outside, with friends and animals. She is not addicted to TV or computer…

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    Natasa January 22, 2011

    it’s not wrong, it’s normal :-)

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    ulla January 22, 2011

    Havde samme tanke første gang jeg satte en teledvd på. Men barnet ææælskede dem jo:o)

    De bliver hendes bedste venner de næste 3 år, hi hi.

    God weekend:o)

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    Marijke January 22, 2011

    Hello Brinja, love jouw blog. I think it is important for children (and adults) to watch tvprogrammes that they enjoy en not just out of boredom. She loves the teletubbies, just as my children did. Nothing wrong, just have fun. With love from the Netherlands.

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    sabine January 22, 2011

    · { mine unger har ikke taget skade … ;-))) de elskede teletubbies … prøv også med Muldvarpen … superfint univers … kh/ } ·

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    francesca January 22, 2011

    this is so sweet. gus is 18 months and is right now watching big barn farm, a show with talking animals. he is laughing so much and shouting quack quack! it can’t be wrong!

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    Sanna January 22, 2011

    Teletubbies is great!

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    Anna January 22, 2011

    Hi, I love your blog but I wouldn’t let my baby (I have a 2 year old daughter myself) watch tv! she doesn’t know it, so she won’t miss ist. of course you could say that it is an easy possibility to keep the baby entertained, so you can get some stuff done. but for how long would you let her watch? 10 minutes? there’s not much you can do in ten minutes (going to the toilet perhaps :-)) otherwise if you sit next to her as she’s watching, it is no free time for you and no good for her…is this understandable? I hope so, and i hope you are not offended by my words. greetings from munich! anna

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    Penny January 23, 2011

    It’s only wrong if you ran to the local pub for a quick martini :) I have 2 bright, smart, social grown children who loved watching TV. Everything in moderation. Penny in Palo Alto, CA

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    Teri January 23, 2011

    So cute I can’t stand it. This face just makes my day.

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    lins January 23, 2011
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    Louise January 23, 2011

    This is very, very good humor! Love this post – tak herfra…

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    sigga January 23, 2011

    Så sejt, dem ønsker vi os til dåben på søndag!!!

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    daniela January 23, 2011

    oh yes, brinja….. your baby and a tv great!!!!

    do you want to have a stupid daughter? i dont think so.

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    daniela January 23, 2011

    oh yes, brinja….. your baby and a tv…. great!!!!

    do you want to have a stupid daughter? i dont think so.

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    Mimi Küchenberg January 23, 2011

    Babies should not watch television.TV destroys the fantasy…Your world is so colorful enough.

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    Koey January 23, 2011

    She looks so excited.
    That’s good to let her watch some TV as it can stimulate her creativity. Just remeber “moderation”!

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    lili January 23, 2011

    kudos for publishing these photos, TV is always an issue you can count on people will have lots of different opinions and i think it takes some guts to show them to the world no matter if this was a one time thing or something more regular :)

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    irene January 23, 2011

    brinja, these photos are SO lovely! her teeth! i know, this programme… but if she loves it? it’s okay :)

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    Alice January 24, 2011

    Aw, isn’t she so cute! She’s so big now! She seems to be enjoying her television show!

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    frank January 24, 2011

    aaaaah telly tubbies my oldest daughter(now 12), absolutely adored this program, as did her younger syblings. they all visit galleris, go camping, know how to bake and of course watch TV. Being a parent isnot easy, and you have a business also. So watching ‘telly tubbies’ in my opinon is not wrong…have a lovely week.

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    Kerry January 24, 2011

    Well, we mums all worry about these things, but a bit of TV isn’t going to make any difference in my opinion! I put these programmes on for Bertie sometimes, and we point out animals and things, which I think is fine, and can be very educational, and sometimes it does give you a little opportunity to get a few things done, or have a breather.

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    Nienke January 24, 2011

    Look at that face: NO, this isn’t wrong.
    Unless the telly is the only form of entertainment and education she gets. ;-)
    Don’t worry. All I see is a very happy child. :-)

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    Mandy January 24, 2011

    It’s 2011, media is a big thing and tv and computers are a part of our daily life. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a couple of minutes of tv. My little girl (2 and a half) loves to dance and sing a long with childrens programmes. And every now and then she gets to draw pretty pictures on the computer aswell!

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    A Merry Mishap January 25, 2011

    Our Israel doesn’t necessarily sit and watch tv but it is on in the background and he sometimes stops to watch if there are dogs or cats, and points excitedly at them. Sometimes he claps along with an audience too. That said, we’ve been trying to be more careful, especially after I read this article.
    I don’t want to sound annoying but in a perfect world it’s probably better that they don’t watch tv, but that’s life and sometimes it’s on.
    I’m sure she’ll be fine. just as our son will be. We just make a point to always be talking and interacting with him, tv definitely isn’t a babysitter for him.

    Her excited face is priceless though, I have no doubt you are a great mom!

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    Claudia January 25, 2011

    too cute to be wrong :)

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    ne January 25, 2011

    hun virker ikke til at have forstået at det er fjernsynet, der skal underholde hende og ikke omvendt

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    Suzanne January 25, 2011

    She’s not watching Scarface or Reservoir Dogs, so I wouldn’t worry about it. Besides, she looks so happy and cute! How can a little sunshine TV be wrong? :)

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    hinke January 25, 2011

    this is terribly cute!

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    lotte janssens January 27, 2011

    so sweet

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    lins January 29, 2011

    We did not have a television in our home and our children grew up never watching it until they were adults and probably beyond. They are now an electrical engineer, published author (by age 25,) college graduates with multiple degrees, accomplished musician and so on. Not watching TV did not make them “stupid.” I actually think it accomplished the opposite.

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    Lisbeth February 15, 2011

    Tror bare jeg synes at verden er skøn nok, så for små babyer er fjernsynet ikke nødvendigt… Jeg tror ikke hun får varige men;o), men jeg tror heller ikke det bringer noget synderligt godt med sig… Alle de farver og indtryk er meget for et lille baby-sind… Men der skal jo være plads til forskellighed;o)

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    Cristina March 14, 2011

    Hi! I like your blog very much. I love your posts!

    I think it’s not wrong!! It’s nearly impossible not to let watch TV to children.

    Because it’s only a while, it’s not all day!! And she’s watching Teletubbies!

    We shouldn’t loose our common sense.

    Cristina from Tarragona!

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    Katie April 23, 2011

    no visuals are very good for a child,like looking at any other pictures,music.

    see though bjork talk about tv.

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      brinja April 23, 2011

      Katie: Bjork is so charming! I loved to watch this. Thank you!

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