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Jewelery making


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    Adri June 13, 2010

    OMG! I really love those earrings! They’re so cute!

  2. Reply
    heodeza June 13, 2010

    So pretty!

  3. Reply
    Hildur June 13, 2010

    Min søster er et legebarn, men jeg elsker det! :)

  4. Reply
    Sigga June 13, 2010

    De er bare møjfine!

  5. Reply
    geeske June 13, 2010

    Hi Brinja, your table is great indeed. The blue traces of paint make the table alive! I still enjoy your postings, they give me instant good feeling. How great is that! Greetings, Geeske

    • Reply
      brinja June 13, 2010

      geeske: That IS great! Yay :)

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    die kleine miss. June 13, 2010

    i love these! i couln’t find them in your shop. unfortunately i’m not quite sure if you ship to germany as well…

    • Reply
      brinja June 13, 2010

      die kleine miss.: Hi there, I’m glad you like them. I’m not able to ship to Germany yet -but hoping to be able to do so in time. -B

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    Allison June 13, 2010

    These are beautiful! Where did you find those lovely little flowers?

  8. Reply
    Stéphanie June 14, 2010

    Oh ! Brinja ! That’s so lovely !

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    carinEssentials June 14, 2010

    These small flowers looks soooo pretty, and on the first picture one can see, that you have a full box of them on the left! Wow. They are great. Never seen something like them before, where did you have the chance to get them?

    • Reply
      brinja June 14, 2010

      carinEssentials + Allison : The flower beads are vintage -found them on a flea marked in Berlin a while back.

  10. Reply
    gggeeske June 16, 2010

    Brinja, did you already realize that this is the first picture with helicopter-view that we get to see of your disappeared belly! Bye bye, Geeske

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    Luise June 16, 2010

    Just found your blog and the story off developing the 1:12 model of your home. Truly love it.
    And the earrings too. Do you by any chance sell them anywhere else than in your shop?

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