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Jul på Bryggen

Like last year!

Quote from the flyer:

Bryggen….is unique, a chilled, ‘hyggeligt’ neighbourhood full of life and creativity, surrounded by water, Fælleden, the university, DR concert hall and Langebro. An area of small streets, the waterfront, a buzzing centre of cultural life and creativity, full of galleries, wellness design, studios and cafes. Go for a walk, give yourself a treat, good Design and delicious food, hang out, try the shops.

Come and join us for something hot to drink and a little to eat on the 4th-5th December, both days from 10am-5pm God jul!Merry

And a Danish version:

Bryggen…er unik, omgivet af vandet, Fælleden, universitetet, DR koncertsal og Langebro. En hyggelig chilled bydel; liv og kreativitet. Små gader, havnefront, kulturlivet, kreativitet, gallerier, værksteder, caféer, kunsthåndværk, velvære, design, interiør og god mad. Gå en tur, forkæl dig selv, hæng ud, shop, få noget varmt at drikke og lidt at spise. . .

Besøg os d. 4.-5. december fra 10-17 begge dage.


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    annamaria potamiti November 22, 2010

    Wish I could drop by with my hubby. It sounds like something we would have loved to do!Have fun!

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    lins November 22, 2010

    Would love to visit Europe during Christmas! I was actually considering it because ticket prices went way down, and I have family over there now. Your logo stands out nicely on the advertisement!

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    Trine November 23, 2010

    Would love to visit but too far from Singapore…

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    […] in the local newspaper. It’s from the ‘Christmas at Bryggen‘ weekend a few weeks back. Posted by brinja Filed in me, Shop Leave a Comment » […]

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