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One very important thing while settling into my new neighbourhood. A perfect little coffee place only two minutes from my front door!  Toasted rye-bread with cheese, onions and an egg. Breakfast does not come much more Brinja-ish than that.


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    pip February 12, 2013

    Oh YUM! How delicious!

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    Mikamera February 12, 2013

    I never wrote a comment before… though I follow your blog for years now. At this moment we have the exact same home situation going on, including a very young daughter… Not the best time of my and probably your life. Your blogs are inspiring and I will keep on following you. Stay strong :-)

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    n February 13, 2013

    uuu, new apartment? New guy?

    I’m only joking. I wish you all the best, keep a smile on your face if you can, it’s easier that way!

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