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Love, summer and vacation

Vilja have now had her first outside Denmark experience. We just arrived home from a mini vacation in Lund (Sweden) with uncle Niller and aunt Lea.

Lea has been an important part of our family for a long time, but it’s soon to be even more official; the two of them are getting married in August -HURRAY -How cool is that!!!

What better way to celebrate love, summer and that Anders loooooong vacation/maternity has now begun?

We stayed at this real cosy train/hostel.


  1. Reply
    irene June 27, 2010

    these are lovely shots, brinja!

  2. Reply
    Hildur June 27, 2010

    Det ser bare hyggeligt ud :)

  3. Reply
    lins June 27, 2010

    cutest picture ever of your baby! what a doll. i clicked on the hostel link, what an interesting idea! my daughters are moving to europe next year so i’m fascinated by such things. the outfit in second picture is so pretty! now i must have a full grey skirt… such an educational and entertaining blog you have! 8-D that impromptu bouquet is just adorable, oh i could go on and on and on… ;-)

  4. Reply
    Ida June 27, 2010

    Det her ser simpelthen så dejligt dansk ud (selvom det er i Sverige).
    Er helt vild med Viljas jakke. Så fin :-)

  5. Reply
    lisa kjellerød June 27, 2010

    Vilja looks like a little sweetheart! What a lovely idea for a hostel :)

  6. Reply
    Vanessa June 27, 2010

    Ah, it’s been lovely weather here in Skåne this weekend. What a nice first trip for the little one!

  7. Reply
    Shamini June 27, 2010

    oh! congratulations to the lovers!
    huge kisses
    hope you had a great time

  8. Reply
    thetragicallychic June 28, 2010

    Your baby has grown so much!

    I love your blog… you home is so pretty and you take great pictures! :)

  9. Reply
    gracia June 28, 2010

    Lovely photos, the first one especially so. Happy summer days to you all, g

  10. Reply
    Sigga June 29, 2010

    Hvor sød ser Vilja lige ud når hun er på ferie hva!!

  11. Reply
    Stéphanie June 29, 2010

    Oh Brinja ! Your baby is so adorable !

  12. Reply
    Saskia June 29, 2010

    I love the hostel – what a great idea! And: lovely pictures, as always!

  13. Reply
    Maria Ana June 30, 2010

    Congatulations to everyone!
    Enjoy Anders “holidays” :)

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