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long hair

clematis short hair

I barely look myself in the mirror after I’ve moved out of the big city and into a life of constant garden-work/house-building-projects/workshop time or taking care of the café and oh, the kids :) …and yes; I do wear my all time favorite ‘Granny O’ knit nearly every day now (first pic)  …so yesterday was a real treat for me. I got a haircut as you might see and a few hours of me-time, no kids and no duties.


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    Alenka April 29, 2015

    You look great.

  2. Reply
    Ageeth April 29, 2015

    Life suits you well>

  3. Reply
    Wimke April 29, 2015

    O you are very pretty!

  4. Reply
    Valerie April 29, 2015

    Indeed beach life suits you great, as your kids and Michael.
    And your ‘Granny O’, what a talented knitter! I wish I had this talent…

  5. Reply
    Celena April 30, 2015

    Smukke kvinde! xox

  6. Reply
    Ula April 30, 2015

    You are beautiful :) I really like your style and every photo you take captures beautiful details.

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    Anne April 30, 2015


  8. Reply
    Kinga May 1, 2015

    Oh Brinja, you look amazing! Treat urself good – “me time” is as important as breathing:*

  9. Reply
    Katja May 4, 2015

    O Brinja, pretty, I so L.O.V.E. your hair!

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