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More baby stuff…

A big belly a tiny-hat in progress and a baby carriage in the living room.

Happy Tuesday guys!


  1. Reply
    lina February 23, 2010

    eee! so exciting these little clues/hints around that something special is going to happen soon : )

  2. Reply
    nico February 23, 2010

    you look gorgeous,it´s so exciting the last weeks/days before due date…:-)

  3. Reply
    lins February 23, 2010

    you just get more and more stylish! how can this be? i was just a blob!!! haha. love it all, as usual

  4. Reply
    Nadine February 23, 2010

    yes, really exciting =)

  5. Reply
    ne February 24, 2010

    hej tykke ;)

  6. Reply
    Alice February 24, 2010

    You are baby ready! :)

  7. Reply
    cabrizette February 24, 2010

    oh exciting, you must be Brinja !!! I remember this time…

  8. Reply
    Maria Ana February 24, 2010

    You must be so happy:)

  9. Reply
    Linda February 24, 2010

    Baby-jubel herfra. Den mave er simpelthen så fin og stærkt voksende.

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