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    Celena October 2, 2013

    How fun! What kinds of nuts are you harvesting? Is this all on the land attached to Michael’s new house?

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      Brinja October 5, 2013

      These pictures are from Michaels moms garden. It’s only 10 minutes from where Michaels house is. She has a big beautiful garden. So does Michael, but so far most of it is only grass and threes.

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    Sine October 2, 2013

    What have you got in mind for all those nuts? :D

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      Brinja October 5, 2013

      Christmas goodies :) they have to dry out for a while before they are usable. Bread and backing goods -and chocolate candy. I think!

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    Nina October 2, 2013

    Looks idyllic! Are they cobnuts? What will you do with them all?

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    nicole October 2, 2013


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    emma October 3, 2013

    I love nuts! Btw can you give me some insider tips on what to do on a weekend in Copenhagen in November? :)

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    evdokia t. October 3, 2013

    seems you had a beautiful time :)
    what kind of nuts are these?

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    Brinja October 5, 2013

    It’s hazelnuts in Danish ‘hasselnødder’… by a quick google search cobnuts looks like the same thing? have a great day all! -b

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    NUTS | BRINJA September 23, 2015

    […] We’ve done this before. collecting nuts in Michael’s parents beautiful garden. but knowing that we will spend our first Christmas in the beach house this year, no work (no tivoli) at all. eating these nuts. makes the pleasure so much more fun. […]

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