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Old ribbons -new brooches!


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    lins March 12, 2010


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    Brit March 12, 2010

    Those brooches are gorgeous!! Have a nice weekend! ;)

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    Alice March 13, 2010

    Oh wow! Those are SO CUTE! I want to make some for my cardigans! You are so creative. :)

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    Jane March 13, 2010

    I love them! so pretty! would love to learn how to make them myself.

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      brinja March 16, 2010

      Jane: I’ll try and make a tutorial when I have more time :)

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    andwhatelseisthere March 13, 2010

    Beautiful,i like it ;)

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    Jane March 13, 2010

    I’ve never commented before, but I absolutely LOVE these! Too bad I live in Oregon, USA because I would love to buy one!

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      brinja March 16, 2010

      Jane: Hi Jane! Thanks I’m glad you like them and I’m glad you commented :)

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    lina March 14, 2010

    oh these are beautiful brinja!

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    Carine March 15, 2010

    Hey Brinja

    I totally like your brooches!! But what do you use as needle on the back?

    I wish you a nice evening,

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      brinja March 16, 2010

      Carine: A big silver brooch needle -I’ll send you a picture when I have time!

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    katrina March 16, 2010

    these are beautiful, Brinja. are these going to be for sale in your webshop?

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      brinja March 16, 2010

      Katrina: I have put these for sale in my ‘real life shop’ but I’m gonna make some for the web-shop too!

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    katrina March 16, 2010


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    Those are gorgeous! I saw similar ones in Erika Henrix’s collection last fall and loved them!

    Any chance you’d post a tutorial? For non-crafty people like me?

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      brinja March 18, 2010

      Elisa: I seems you are not the only one interested in a tutorial, I will get to it as soon as I have more time :) Glad you like them.

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