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peephole for kids hens peephole hens in the workshop

Michael made this really cool kids-peephole today. Now Kornelius can stare at the hens and they can stare right back at him. He says gok gok gok all the time now… Vilja is at Anders place this weekend.


  1. Reply
    Lina May 9, 2015

    What a cutie pie your boy is!

  2. Reply
    Ageeth May 9, 2015

    Love for life!
    From now on, no more chicken on the menu ;-)
    The second picture is fantastic; the three chickens with their heads towards the peephole and Kornelius is adorable!!

    • Reply
      Brinja May 16, 2015

      yeah it’s a funny scenario… I like it too. Have a great day. b

  3. Reply
    Nonna May 10, 2015

    Wau, great! More animals coming? Kind of Brinja farm… Hih!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

    • Reply
      Brinja May 16, 2015

      :-) a Brinja farm hihi. ….you newer know :)

  4. Reply
    Celena May 10, 2015

    What a great experience for the kids! That is awesome… I am such a fan! :)

  5. Reply
    Pjèr May 13, 2015

    Brilliant: Landmand Kornelius

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