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Perfect Friday

Pictures from a perfect Friday night dinner in the sun. Cold beers and all!


  1. Reply
    Hildur April 16, 2011

    Det ser LÆKKERT ud! :-)

  2. Reply
    Anna April 16, 2011

    Er lige kommet forbi din blog og hvor ser den bare fantastisk fin og hyggelig ud! Her vil jeg følge med, forsæt det gode arbejde :)

  3. Reply
    dayle April 17, 2011

    oh yum that looks fabulous…made me smile looking at it. dayle

  4. Reply
    Traveling Mama April 17, 2011

    Wasn’t the weather just perfect? Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  5. Reply
    Lisbeth April 18, 2011

    Hvor ser det hyggeligt ud!!

  6. Reply
    amanda jane April 18, 2011

    this does look like the perfect friday. and that pizza looks amazing.

  7. Reply
    nikaela April 18, 2011

    oh. my husband just said “i like everything about that photo.” he likes beer and babies and eating outside all. xxx

  8. Reply
    Maria Ana April 21, 2011

    Looks perfect indeed :)

  9. Reply
    irene April 22, 2011

    this evening must have been so great :) lovely photos!

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