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Vilja had a good day today


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    Pascalle August 7, 2014


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    Anna på Island August 7, 2014

    smukt hus :)

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    Valerie August 7, 2014

    This garden is a paradise for children !

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    ne August 7, 2014

    Viljas eget hus! For sejt. Det vil Linus rigtig rigtig gerne besøge…

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    Sigga August 7, 2014

    Hvor sejt!!! Hvornår må vi komme :-)

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    Nadine August 7, 2014

    aaw, lucky girl. what a cute house. as a child i always dreamed we had a house like this <3

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    Celena August 7, 2014

    I always wanted one of these too! They are the stuff of fantastic memories…. :)

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    skandimama August 7, 2014

    Øj øj øj, så fint! Der ville jeg gerne bo :-)

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    Ageeth August 7, 2014

    I can’t wait to see what you are going to do with it!

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    Petra August 7, 2014

    Lucky Vilja! :)

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    Ellen August 7, 2014

    I love it! Vilja is a lucky girl :)

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    Björg August 8, 2014

    This is so cute little house! I dreamed of my own when I was litle. :)

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    Hans August 8, 2014

    Ser super sejt ud. Ville ønske jeg havde evnen til at bygge sådan noget til mine drenge :-)

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    Sine August 11, 2014

    Awwww this is beautiful!! Can’t wait to see how it’ll look like when it’s all Brinjafied.. :D

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