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Shop #4


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    Brit September 15, 2010

    Your shop looks so pretty and colorful! I love the bird accessories!

  2. Reply
    Maria Ana September 15, 2010

    Beautiful pieces! I would love to have them on my apartment:)

  3. Reply
    Jo September 16, 2010

    Beautiful! Im sooo happy that I will visit KBH in two weeks time! I’ll definitely plan a stop at your little shop!

    • Reply
      brinja September 17, 2010

      Jo: Yay, I hope you will :)

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    heodeza September 16, 2010

    Mmmh: stripy shirts, small colourful earrings and lovely cups in shades of pink… I want to come and shop there this weekend! – Too bad it’s about 700km away.

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    christina September 17, 2010

    åh, fin blogg och fin butik! skulle vilja ta mig en titt, men det är långt från de norrländska svenska skogarna :-)
    trevlig helg!

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    malin September 17, 2010

    Längtar till november när jag ska åka ner. Då kommer er butik besökas, fo sho :)
    Är det ljuslyktor på bild nr2 förresten?

    • Reply
      brinja September 17, 2010

      Malin: Hej :) ja, de er til sterinlys!

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    Gitte Lacarriere September 17, 2010

    Just love the interior of the shop, must stop by next time I am in Copenhagen.

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    sigga September 18, 2010

    Ser godt ud, er super glad for de skåle jeg købte hos dig, tror jen må ha nogle flere snart.

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    Lisa September 19, 2010

    I go there next time I visit Copenhagen!

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    Sara C. September 20, 2010

    Hi Brinja!

    You should know that I love your style and that you’re one of my most important inspirations. :)

    Maybe you could help me: I’m looking for the little cute mirror on this picture (http://brinja.dk/gamle/img_2133.jpg?w=700&h=467)in a german webshop. Can you tell me which brand it is? I would prefer to come to your shop and buy it, but I’m too far away right now… :)

    Thank you so much,

    • Reply
      brinja September 23, 2010

      Sara C: Hi there, the mirrors are from a brand called ‘Rice’. Best wishes b

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    Alice September 26, 2010

    woaw ! the store looks better than ever !

  12. Reply
    Stine Marie October 23, 2010

    Hi Brinja!
    I LOVE your blog and your shop!! Next time Im in KBH I will visit your shop!


  13. Reply
    Debbie - Pink Pig October 29, 2010

    Lovin that Pink! What a fantastic shop…

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    frances qarau January 20, 2011

    I love your shopppppp – oh dear I really need to get on with food shopping. I have descided that my dream is to have a shop like yours or something very similar…goregousness all the lovely pics. I would love to order some earrings from the web shop but unsure as it is in Danish…fx

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