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Sigga and Paisley

Okay my blog has seriously gone baby-crazy. Next post will be non babyish -promise!

These two beautiful girls are Sigga and Paisley.


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    ohhhappy April 26, 2010

    Hvor er hun bare fin! Man bliver helt skruk af din blog ;)…

  2. Reply
    Linda April 26, 2010


  3. Reply
    mette/ungt blod April 26, 2010

    more babies more babies more babies!

  4. Reply
    Linda April 26, 2010

    Jeg er vild med al den baby-craziness. Sød, sødere, sødest.

  5. Reply
    Suzanne April 26, 2010

    Nobody minds the baby stuff, I promise! :)

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    Lisa P. April 27, 2010

    We just had our baby 8 weeks ago. Wish we could meet up with you and your sister for coffee or a walk! Too bad we’re on another continent. Congratulations.

    • Reply
      brinja May 1, 2010

      Lisa P: Yay, big congrats to you :) that is so great! Coffee would have been a blast. I wish you guys all the best.

  7. Reply
    brit April 27, 2010

    I don’t mind the baby pictures! They’re just all too cute!!

  8. Reply
    Karen April 27, 2010

    Hun er da så lille og fin:)
    Og rigtig fin skjorte.

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    klaralita April 27, 2010

    Please, more baby pictures!!!!!! The girls are sooooo cute!

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    Daniela April 27, 2010

    Dear Brinja,
    I´want to say I´ll love your Blog. Great Pictures!. Great Style! When I visite Copenhagen, at first I´ve come to your Shop. Baby-Photos ? Ok, Now you are a MOM and so its ok! Your Daughter looks like my Son when he was a Baby (now he is 5 and its Time for School).
    Enjoy the Time with your Baby. Greetings from Germany: Daniela

    • Reply
      brinja May 1, 2010

      Daniella: Hi there, thank you so much for your comment and all your sweet words :)

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    Nadine April 27, 2010

    Really, dont stop baby-posting!!!

  12. Reply
    Ju April 27, 2010

    Oh, that’s absolutely okay! I like those Baby-Pics :)

  13. Reply
    crispix April 27, 2010

    love the crazy baby blog mood!! they’re so cute! & stylish :)

  14. Reply
    lins April 27, 2010

    You don’t have to apologize–it’s a big deal! And they ARE incredibly cute…. 8)

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    não me mande flores April 27, 2010

    What an amazing image! ♥

  16. Reply
    Alice April 28, 2010

    You are a mother now, perfectly normal to be baby crazy. Don’t worry I enjoy seeing pictures of such cute babies. :)

  17. Reply
    Walter Helena Photography April 28, 2010

    What a lovely space you have; thank you for sharing (the babies are adorable!)

    If you’d like, please stop by my blog for a chance to win a fine art photographic giclee print…by me :)

  18. Reply
    Sigga April 28, 2010

    Ihh.. ja jeg syntes “underligt” nok også at den lille baby er meget sød:-)

  19. Reply
    Stéphanie April 28, 2010

    So so adorable Brinja !

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